Uran: Uran

Uran: Uran
Title: Uran
Label: Hoga Nord Rekords
Product Type: VINYL LP

The debut release of Uran, a far-out psychedelic band from Gothenburg, Sweden. A space-electro-punk nuclear meltdown for all the f#cked up children of this world. This is what you get when you mix Swedish band Uran with Gothenburg. So let's shut up and dance while continuing to be chaotically focused on that keep on keepin' on, smashin', grabbin' 'n' kickin' out the jams, et cetera. And never learn to forget that no one loves Uran!

1.1 Emp 2:45
1.2 Straalskadad 1:52
1.3 Onormal 3:35
1.4 Fatfucker 2:40
1.5 Dogal Maar 2:34
1.6 Mr Piggy 4:00
1.7 Voice of Uran 3:11
2.1 Now Never Ends 2:16
2.2 Diagnos 2:42
2.3 Symptohm Sweet Symptohm 2:19
2.4 Manslut 2:28
2.5 Heardsmaelta 3:16
2.6 Uri Bock 3:19

Uran: Uran

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