V3: Alive

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Artist: V3

Artist: V3
Title: Alive

The siblings from Atlanta Shelley, Sacha and LaToya Vinson, are better known as the Stellar nominated trio V3. ALIVE, a powerful project designed to uplift, inspire and encourage souls around the world is their newest CD. V3 has touched the tight familiar harmonies of legendary family gospel groups like The Clark Sisters and The Winans which has proven to be epic on their current release ALIVE on the Q-Son label. The daughters of Thomas and Dr. Carolyn Vinson, pastors of High Point Christian Tabernacle in Smyrna, GA, are the youngest three out of a total of six daughters! V3's path in inspirational music was predestined by the Most High and guided by their mother. Dr. Carolyn Vinson, a former gospel radio personality, hit gospel songwriter and music producer whose most notable hit "Peanut Butter" is considered a gospel classic. ALIVE is an eclectic mix of music infused with elements of Pop, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Reggae, Hip Hop and Urban musical styles laced with unapologetic messages about their faith. The title track is V3's testimony of having survived a serious car accident in Detroit. Sacha said, "We blacked out. The doors were jammed. Shelley was stuck in the car. We were placed in separate hospitals. On ALIVE we talk about what we went through and how God kept us. We know we are here for a reason and a purpose.

1.1 The Revelation of Three
1.2 Say Yes
1.3 Azrtound the World
1.4 Chasing Me
1.5 Hero
1.6 Getting Better
1.7 Hurricane
1.8 Alive
1.9 Mad... No More
1.10 This Life
1.11 Roll Back the Sky
1.12 Wait on You
1.13 Forever
1.14 Relax
1.15 Right Here
1.16 Give It Over
1.17 I Need Thee Every Hour

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