Vain: No Respect

Vain: No Respect
Title: No Respect
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes on

Originally released in 1989 on the Island Records label, No Respect was the debut from this California quintet originally from the Bay Area. The band consisted of Davy Vain on vocals, Danny West and James Scott on guitars, Ashley Mitchell on bass and Tom Rickard on drums. Produced by Paul Northfield, assisted by Davy Vain. Vain, along with Jetboy and the Sea Hags, helped solidify the San Francisco Metal scene. Contemporaries included Metallica, Exodus and Death Angel (who Davy Vain produced). BGO. 2009.

1.1 No Respect: Secrets
1.2 Beat the Bullet
1.3 Who's Watching You
1.4 1000 Degrees
1.5 Aces
1.6 Smoke and Shadows
1.7 No Respect
1.8 Laws Against Love
1.9 Down for the 3rd Time
1.10 Icy
1.11 Without You
1.12 Ready

Vain: No Respect

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