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Various Artists: 1960's Psychedelic Commercials / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 1960's Psychedelic Commercials / Various

The Swingin' Sixties brought huge cultural upheaval - sexuality became more open, the music became more edgy and the drug culture exploded into all aspects of our daily life. As usual, ad agencies jumped on these new trends and started including these cultural changes into their ad campaigns, especially on radio. High profile Rock 'n' Roll groups lent their names and voices to ads (Jefferson Airplane, Troggs, Who, Moby Grape) and ad campaigns for everything from razors (Gillette and Remington) to hot dogs (Hormel) to chewing gum (Wrigley') to politicians, suddenly decided to jump on the Psychedelic bandwagon, perhaps ignoring the implications of their association with Psychedelics and the drug culture. So close your eyes and enjoy the flashbacks these commercials are sure to create. 65 Tracks in all!

1.1 Psychedelic Circus
1.2 White Levis
1.3 Lee Jeans
1.4 The Living Eye
1.5 The Hippie Revolt
1.6 Psychedelic Cola
1.7 Psychedelic Soft Drink
1.8 7-Up Uncola
1.9 The Cheetah #1
1.10 The Cheetah #2
1.11 Remington Electric Razor
1.12 Gillette Razor
1.13 Rice Krispies
1.14 Wake Up with Milk
1.15 Brom Instant Coffee
1.16 Great Shakes
1.17 Ban Deodorant
1.18 Rinse Clean
1.19 Falstaff Beer
1.20 Troggs Beer
1.21 Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
1.22 Vox Wah Wah
1.23 Gretch Guitar Contest
1.24 Hals Record Shop (Promo)
1.25 Leopold's Records
1.26 Danby's
1.27 Nehru Jackets Spot
1.28 H.I.S. Clothing
1.29 Jeans West
1.30 Brawley Male Sportswear
1.31 Northwest Orient Airlines
1.32 Action USA
1.33 The Happening Promo
1.34 Hormel Weiners
1.35 New York Telephone
1.36 Springfield Rifle/Nordstroms
1.37 Air Force Spot
1.38 Bob Griffin Us Senate
1.39 Tackle Mens Gel
1.40 Tiny Tim Midnight Supper
1.41 The in Sound
1.42 The Galaxy Night Club
1.43 Club Spot on What Radio Station, Philadelphia, Pa
1.44 Velvet Underground LP Promo
1.45 I Am a Groupie
1.46 Green Slime Trailer
1.47 Wild in the Streets Trailer
1.48 Bunny Lake Is Missing
1.49 Wild Angels - Movie Promo Spot #1
1.50 The Kitchen Cinq
1.51 Moby Grape LP
1.52 Dr. West Medicine Show ; Junk Band Promo
1.53 The Big TNT Show
1.54 Surrey College '66
1.55 London Sweepstakes
1.56 118 Annual Edgar Allen Poe Electric Memorial Concert
1.57 Trips Festival Promo
1.58 Monterey Pop Promo - Krla Los Angeles #2
1.59 Krla News - Cancelled Hippie Love-In at the Grand Canyon 6/16/67
1.60 BBC Radio One Promo
1.61 Etiquette Advice
1.62 Ban Deodorant #2

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