Various Artists

Various Artists: 30 Favorite Celtic Classics

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 30 Favorite Celtic Classics

The sounds seem to sweep across the hillsides, and this low-priced set sweeps across generations as we hear 2 CDs of traditional and contemporary Irish favorites: "Star of the County Down," "Apples in Winter/The Monaghan Jig," "Last Night's Fun/The Abbey Reel," "Sleepsong," "The Fianna Battle Song," "The Fairies Dance," "Foxhunter's Jig," "The Coulin," "Suil A Ruin" and more! Green Hill.

1.1 The Kesh Jig/The Monaghan/Morrison's Jig (Medley) By Craig Duncan 3:50
1.2 Red Is the Rose By Craig Duncan 3:01
1.3 The Voice By David Arkenstone 4:22
1.4 Carrickfergus By David Arkenstone 4:40
1.5 Misty Mountains/Song of the Lonely Mountain (From "The Hobbit"/Medley) 5:36
1.6 The Festival By David Arkenstone 5:34
1.7 The Lark in the Morning By David Arkenstone 3:31
1.8 All Souls Night By David Arkenstone 4:43
1.9 The Rose of Tralee By Craig Duncan 3:32
1.10 Blarney Pilgrim/Smash the Windows (Medley) By Craig Duncan 4:04
1.11 The Dark Forest By David Arkenstone 4:30
1.12 Shadows in the Myst By David Arkenstone 5:23
1.13 The Mist Covered the Mountain/Paddy O'Rafferty/Wandering Minstrel (Medley) By Craig Duncan 3:35
1.14 The Mummer's Dance By David Arkenstone 5:21
1.15 Mairi's Wedding By Craig Duncan 3:26
2.1 The Fianna Battle Song By David Davidson 3:15
2.2 Sleepsong By David Arkenstone 4:49
2.3 Fantasy and Dance By David Davidson 3:52
2.4 The Coulin By Craig Duncan 3:33
2.5 The Fairies Dance By David Arkenstone 4:47
2.6 Star of the County Down By Craig Duncan 2:46
2.7 Apples in Winter/The Monaghan Jig (Medley) By Cynthia Wyatt 4:28
2.8 Foxhunter's Jig By Craig Duncan 3:28
2.9 Suil a Ruin By David Arkenstone 3:57
2.10 The Butterfly/Baltiorum (Medley) By Cynthia Wyatt 2:59
2.11 Last Night's Fun/The Abbey Reel (Medley) By Craig Duncan 3:45
2.12 Eibhlin a Run By David Arkenstone 5:06
2.13 The Famine Song/The Clergy's Lamentation (Medley) By Cynthia Wyatt 2:50
2.14 The Shore of Kinsale By David Arkenstone 4:18
2.15 Farmer's Hand (Vocal Version) By David Davidson 3:09

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