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Various Artists: Africa North

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Africa North

This music was designed as a conduit to ecstasy. The intensity of these performances, with their sultry inflections of pitch and trance-inducing rhythms, honor that purpose. This album features various sounds from North Africa ranging from the oud, ghaita and the darbukka drum to the strings of Cairo film orchestras, folk instruments from the Atlas Mountains or electronic devices from Japan and America.

1.1 Amin Amin - Steve Shehan ; Baly Othmani
1.2 Walagh (I Observe) - Abdelli
1.3 Andalusian Oud Music, Parts 1 ; 2 - Said Chraibi
1.4 Kafiyo Kaladeri (Opposites) - Waaberi
1.5 Desse Barama (Peace) - Hamza El Din
1.6 Rera - Setona
1.7 El Hawzi - Hossam Ramzy
1.8 Aquis Mahasnik Biman (With Whom Can I Campare You?) - Rasha
1.9 Maqsoum - Mahmoud Fadl
1.10 Thrikraiat Al Andalous - Hassan Errahi ; Arabesque
1.11 Conte de L' Incroyable Amour - Anouar Brahem

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