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Various Artists: African Rhythms / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: African Rhythms / Various

The aim of this album is to emphasise the remarkable vitality of modern African music. African Rhythms Anthology brings together musicians from very different backgrounds who share the same goal: to keep the traditional music of their roots and ancestors alive, modernising it and making it accessible and understandable to all of humanity. In this, African music is universal. It includes the hits « Kazet » by The Mahotella Queens, and « Mulemba Xangola » by Bonga, together with a rare version of « Africa Nossa » by Cesaria Evora with Oliver Mtukudzi, and an unreleased version of « Tchoro di Guine » by Teofilo Chantre and Lura.

1.1 Cesaria Evora - Africa Nossa (Feat. Oliver Mtukudzi) (Cabo V
1.2 Pierre Akendengue - Tondavowú (Gabon)
1.3 Bonga - Mulemba Xangola (Feat. Lura)(Angola)
1.4 Sally Nyolo - Solidarity (Cameroon)
1.5 Mario Lucio - Alter (Cabo Verde)
1.6 The Mahotella Queens - Kazet (South Africa)
1.7 Ferro Gaita - Bejo Batafada (Cabo Verde)
1.8 Bembeya Jazz National - Sabou (Guinea)
1.9 Ba Cissoko - Wawata (Guinea)
1.10 Rajery - Sofera (Madagascar)
1.11 Lura - Ma'n Ba DÛS BÛS Kumida DÔ (Cabo Verde)
1.12 Mamadou Barry - Sodia (Guinea)
1.13 Teofilo Chantre - Tchoro Di Guinú (Feat. Lura) (Cabo Verde)
1.14 Tao Ravao ; Tany Manga - Velomo (Madagascar)
1.15 Terrero - Xubenga (Cabo Verde)
1.16 Kapa Dech - Nhlovuko (Mozambique)

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