Various Artists

Various Artists: Be True to Your School : A Fortuna Pop Sampler

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Be True to Your School : A Fortuna Pop Sampler

Repressing. 2008 collection from Fortuna POP!, an independent UK record label responsible for a whole shed-load of great releases. Strictly a one man operation, the label has been run from bedrooms and kitchen tables in spare time away from the day job - the evenings, the wee early hours and weekends - for nigh on 13 years. Be True to Your School is a compilation of the label's finest moments to date. Including tracks by Bearsuit, Comet Gain, the Lucksmiths, the Loves, Sodastream, Fanfarlo, the Butterflies of Love, Airport Girl, Milky Wimp shake, the Aislers Set, Cannonball Jane and many more! Fortuna Pop.

1.1 Y Sun Over Discordia
1.2 Home
1.3 Oh Katrina
1.4 Blinky
1.5 Itsuko Got Married
1.6 Catchy Monkey
1.7 Take It to Fantastic
1.8 You Re the Prettiest Thing
1.9 XS and Os
1.10 Yvonne
1.11 Rob a Bank
1.12 Dialling Mitt
1.13 I M a Tiger
1.14 TK1
1.15 Talking Backwards
1.16 T-Shirt Weather
1.17 Work's All Right (If It's a Proper Job)
1.18 Fallen Angel
1.19 Between Delta and Delaware
1.20 Starving Hungry in Tescos
1.21 Dialling Tone
1.22 The Walk
1.23 Too Old
1.24 You Can Hide Your Love Forever
1.25 Small Music

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