Various Artists: Bible Stories Vol. 2

Various Artists: Bible Stories Vol. 2
Title: Bible Stories Vol. 2
Label: Essential Media Mod

The second volume of stories from the Bible read by professional orators This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 The Baby Is Born
1.2 Blessings for Jesus
1.3 Zechariah and Elizabeth
1.4 The Happy Wedding Party
1.5 The Sick Helper
1.6 Just One Touch
1.7 Food for Everyone
1.8 Jesus Walks on Water
1.9 Eyes Wide Open
1.10 Love Your Neighbor
1.11 Jesus Helps a Woman
1.12 100 Sheep
1.13 The Son Returns
1.14 The Blind Man
1.15 The Man Is Healed at the Pool
1.16 Here Comes the King
1.17 Disciple's Feet
1.18 The Last Meal
1.19 The Garden
1.20 The Wonderful Surprise
1.21 Gone Fishing
1.22 Fire and Wind
1.23 The Beggar, Peter, and John
1.24 The Jailer
1.25 The Way Into Heaven

Various Artists: Bible Stories Vol. 2

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