Various Artists

Various Artists: Billboard Top 10 Karaoke 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Billboard Top 10 Karaoke 1
Label: Sybersound Records

1.1 Hey Jude [Lead Vocal]
1.2 Sweet Caroline [Lead Vocal]
1.3 Respect [Lead Vocal]
1.4 Born to Be Wild [Lead Vocal]
1.5 I Got You Babe [Lead Vocal]
1.6 Surfin' USA [Lead Vocal]
1.7 Piece of My Heart [Lead Vocal]
1.8 Oh Pretty Woman [Lead Vocal]
1.9 These Boots Are Made for Walkin' [Lead Vocal]
1.10 Ooo Baby Baby [Lead Vocal]
1.11 Hey Jude [Without Lead Vocal]
1.12 Sweet Caroline [Without Lead Vocal]
1.13 Respect [Without Lead Vocal]
1.14 Born to Be Wild [Without Lead Vocal]
1.15 I Got You Babe [Without Lead Vocal]
1.16 Surfin' USA [Without Lead Vocal]
1.17 Piece of My Heart [Without Lead Vocal]
1.18 Oh Pretty Woman [Without Lead Vocal]
1.19 These Boots Are Made for Walkin' [Without Lead Vocal]
1.20 Ooo Baby Baby [Without Lead Vocal]
2.1 Margaritaville [Lead Vocal]
2.2 Joker [Lead Vocal]
2.3 You're No Good [Lead Vocal]
2.4 Joy to the World [Lead Vocal]
2.5 Always ; Forever [Lead Vocal]
2.6 Last Dance [Lead Vocal]
2.7 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Lead Vocal]
2.8 It's Too Late [Lead Vocal]
2.9 Rock ; Roll All Nite [Lead Vocal]
2.10 Way We Were [Lead Vocal]
2.11 Margaritaville [Without Lead Vocal]
2.12 Joker [Without Lead Vocal]
2.13 You're No Good [Without Lead Vocal]
2.14 Joy to the World [Without Lead Vocal]
2.15 Always ; Forever [Without Lead Vocal]
2.16 Last Dance [Without Lead Vocal]
2.17 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Without Lead Vocal]
2.18 It's Too Late [Without Lead Vocal]
2.19 Rock ; Roll All Nite [Without Lead Vocal]
2.20 Way We Were [Without Lead Vocal]
3.1 Like a Virgin [Lead Vocal]
3.2 Every Breath You Take [Lead Vocal]
3.3 Hit Me with Your Best Shot [Lead Vocal]
3.4 Here I Go Again [Lead Vocal]
3.5 Love Shack [Lead Vocal]
3.6 Addicted to Love [Lead Vocal]
3.7 I Love Rock 'N' Roll [Lead Vocal]
3.8 Jessie's Girl [Lead Vocal]
3.9 Wind Beneath My Wings [Lead Vocal]
3.10 She Blinded Me with Science [Lead Vocal]
3.11 Like a Virgin [Without Lead Vocal]
3.12 Every Breath You Take [Without Lead Vocal]
3.13 Hit Me with Your Best Shot [Without Lead Vocal]
3.14 Here I Go Again [Without Lead Vocal]
3.15 Love Shack [Without Lead Vocal]
3.16 Addicted to Love [Without Lead Vocal]
3.17 I Love Rock 'N' Roll [Without Lead Vocal]
3.18 Jessie's Girl [Without Lead Vocal]
3.19 Wind Beneath My Wings [Without Lead Vocal]
3.20 She Blinded Me with Science [Without Lead Vocal]
4.1 I Will Always Love You [Lead Vocal]
4.2 Losing My Religion [Lead Vocal]
4.3 Just a Girl [Lead Vocal]
4.4 I'll Make Love to You [Lead Vocal]
4.5 Black Velvet [Lead Vocal]
4.6 Right Here, Right Now [Lead Vocal]
4.7 How Do I Live [Lead Vocal]
4.8 Baby Got Back [Lead Vocal]
4.9 Torn [Lead Vocal]
4.10 Unbelievable [Lead Vocal]
4.11 I Will Always Love You [Without Lead Vocal]
4.12 Losing My Religion [Without Lead Vocal]
4.13 Just a Girl [Without Lead Vocal]
4.14 I'll Make Love to You [Without Lead Vocal]
4.15 Black Velvet [Without Lead Vocal]
4.16 Right Here, Right Now [Without Lead Vocal]
4.17 How Do I Live [Without Lead Vocal]
4.18 Baby Got Back [Without Lead Vocal]
4.19 Torn [Without Lead Vocal]
4.20 Unbelievable [Without Lead Vocal]

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