Various Artists

Various Artists: Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio
Label: Numero

1.1 Chrystal Illusion
1.2 Don't Destroy Our Love
1.3 Soul Feeling
1.4 World of Soul
1.5 If You Don't Want Me Let Me Be
1.6 Spoilin' for a Fight
1.7 The Pusher
1.8 I'm a Number Runner
1.9 Moving on
1.10 The Players
1.11 Corruption Is the Thing
1.12 He's Coming
1.13 Don't Make Me Kill You
1.14 Why Won't You Say (What You Want)
1.15 If You Don't Think That I Love You
1.16 Don't Trade Love for Money
1.17 Buttered Out
1.18 I Feel It (The Love You Have for Me)
1.19 He's Forever (Amen)
2.1 Oh Baby (I Love You)
2.2 Tell Me About It
2.3 He's Looking for a Love
2.4 I've Got to Find a Way (To Get to Your Heart)
2.5 Monkey Hips ; Yice
2.6 Give Me Your Love
2.7 Darlene [Instrumental]
2.8 Don't Make Me Blue
2.9 Satisfied
2.10 You Upset My Very Soul
2.11 All in Your Eyes
2.12 I Love You
2.13 Hole in Your Soul
2.14 Thought I Had a Good Thing
2.15 Darlene
2.16 Baby
2.17 Give Me Your Love [Instrumental]
2.18 He's Looking for a Love [Demo Version]
3.1 Child of the King
3.2 Wha's Happ'nin'
3.3 Lost in Sin
3.4 I Can't Thank Him Enough
3.5 Keep Holding on
3.6 Have You Been to the Pool
3.7 Gospel Train
3.8 Why? (It's a Shame)
3.9 Jesus You Are My Shining Star
3.10 Won't Be Back No More
3.11 Jesus Is All Over Me
3.12 Read It in the Bible
3.13 Sweet to Know
3.14 Trouble the Water
3.15 Used to Live on Broadway
3.16 Look Out for Jesus
3.17 I Know the Lord Will Make a Way
3.18 If I've Done Anything Wrong
3.19 What You Need
3.20 Make a Joyful Noise

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