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Various Artists: Boss Black Rockers Vol 5: Just Rockin' & Rollin (Various Artists)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Boss Black Rockers Vol 5: Just Rockin' & Rollin (Various Artists)
Label: Koko-Mojo

Dear Cats and Kittens, dig this cool array of killer black Rock and Roll from the "Golden Age" of American music. So many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only "originated" this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named "Rock and Roll" to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Some tunes are pretty well-known but the vast majority are not. I'm pretty sure you have never heard a lot of the tracks included here - even if a lot of them were pretty popular in the 1950s among both black and white Rock and Roll fans. Most of the artists in this new collection were actually household names in the "Rock and Roll World" of the 50s and early 60s. I sure hope this new series of 10 complimentary volumes will finally set things straight. Dig it!

1.1 Eddie Clearwater - A Real Good Time
1.2 Frankie Lucas - I Want To Rock You Baby
1.3 Bobby Flare - Variety
1.4 Count Yates - Chimpanzee
1.5 “Slick” Gipson ; The Sliders - Foot Loose ; Fancy Free
1.6 The Ray Ellington Quartet - Giddy Up A Ding Dong
1.7 Brook Benton - Hurtin’ Inside
1.8 Larry Birdsong - Little School Girl
1.9 Luther ; Little Eva - Ain’t Got No Home
1.10 Davey Jones - The Chase
1.11 Harvey - Da Da Goo Goo
1.12 Bobby ; Buddy - What’s The Word-Thunderbird
1.13 Leonard Carbo - Pig Tails And Blue Jeans
1.14 Cornell Blakely - Don’t You Do It
1.15 The Blue Dots - Saturday Night Fish Fry
1.16 Buster Brown - Fannie Mae
1.17 Eddie Bo - I’m Wise
1.18 Dave “Baby” Cortez - You Give Me Heebie Jeebies
1.19 Joe Shepard - A Thousand Times
1.20 Shirley And Lee - Rockin’ With The Clock
1.21 Big Bob - What Am I
1.22 The Gentlemen - Something To Remember You By
1.23 Preston Epps - Bongo Rock
1.24 Bobby Freeman - (I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy
1.25 Professor Longhair - Look What You’re Doing To Me
1.26 V. and B.B. - They Just Rocking And Rolling
1.27 The Corvairs - Hey, Sally Mae
1.28 Ike Haley ; The Red Blazers - Lucille

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