Various Artists: Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2: The British Pop Explosion 1970-1973 / Various

Various Artists: Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2: The British Pop Explosion 1970-1973 / Various
Title: Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2: The British Pop Explosion 1970-1973 / Various
Label: Grapefruit

Three CD set. Second volume of early '70s British studio pop hits, misses and oddities. Issued in 2020, Bubblerock Is Here To Stay shone a spotlight on the lost and often murky world of early 70s British Pop, a scene largely controlled by old-fashioned, Denmark Street- based production/songwriting teams as the Rock world concentrated on the album market. Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume Two treads the same neglected path to deliver more mouldy old dough from the era's backroom boys: crack songwriting teams, hit-or-bust producers, session singers, and writers-turned-performers. Featuring a number of hits that define the era but have long been swept under the carpet of critical/collector cool: Slade's first major single, Brotherhood Of Man's anthemic 'United We Stand', Lieutenant Pigeon's novelty chart-topper plus Top Ten 45s from de Paul, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Middle Of The Road, The Pipkins, Greyhound, Judge Dread, Marmalade and Blue MinkIncluding numerous fascinating obscurities: Jesus Christ Superstar lyricist Tim Rice channels his inner Del Shannon, the mysterious Kidrock pick up the kinder-pop baton from Mark Wirtz, Raw Holly cut an LP of Buddy Holly songs in a more contemporary musical setting, and a Midlands-based harmony pop act look to break their chart duck by raiding The Grateful Dead songbook. Joined by late 60s underground renegades attempting to snag a hit single (Fairfield Parlour, Velvet Opera) and sundry one-off studio aliases (Smoky Forbes, Helicopter, the Elaine Paige-assisted Hooters), Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume Two is another opportunity to wallow in the sounds of what one reviewer of the first volume warily described as "dubious pop". Dubious pop?! Gimme dat ding!

1.1 Shake a Tail Suzy - Barry Green
1.2 Sugar Me - Lynsey de Paul
1.3 No Matter How I Try - Gilbert O'Sullivan
1.4 Walking Through the Blue Grass - Stavely Makepeace
1.5 Sunny, Honey Girl - Fluff
1.6 Good Morning Freedom - Blue Mink
1.7 It's a Tall Order for a Short Guy - Jonathan King
1.8 After Dark - P. C. Kent
1.9 Drugtaker - Drugtaker
1.10 Vietnam Rose - Whichwhat
1.11 Well Alright - Raw Holly
1.12 Radancer - Marmalade
1.13 Dad You Saved the World - White Plains
1.14 Magical Spiel - Barry Ryan with the Candy Choir
1.15 My Boyfriend's Back - the Paper Dolls
1.16 On the Road Again - Iain Campbell
1.17 Iron Horse - Christie
1.18 Roly Poly - Stamford Bridge
1.19 High Into the Sky - Roger James
1.20 Alexander Graham Bell - the Sweet
1.21 Rock-A-Bye Blues - Kidrock
1.22 The Price of Love - the Big Three
1.23 My Friend John - Shape
1.24 Telephone Line - Main Attraction
1.25 United We Stand - the Brotherhood of Man
2.1 Runaway - Huddersfield Transit Authority
2.2 Good Times - Alan Lake
2.3 Little Bit O' Soul - Iron Cross
2.4 Nine By Nine - John Dummer's Famous Music Band
2.5 Coz I Luv You - Slade
2.6 Big Six - Judge Dread
2.7 Sunny Sleeps Late - 22nd Street
2.8 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) - Dave Newman
2.9 The Way I Feel - Complex
2.10 Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham - the Tremeloes
2.11 Working in the City - Chain Reaction
2.12 Tip of My Tongue - Brotherly Love
2.13 Soley Soley - Middle of the Road
2.14 Tokaido Line - Portrait
2.15 Uncle John's Band - the Montanas
2.16 Rule Britannia - the U.K.'s
2.17 Born on a Beautiful Day - Paul Ryan
2.18 Everybody Go Home, the Party's Over - Clodagh Rodgers
2.19 Tease Me - Tiger Sue
2.20 Fallout - Five Day Rain
2.21 You Know It Feels Right - Liverpool Echo
2.22 I Belong to Yesterday - Helicopter
2.23 You Are - Phillip Goodhand-Tait
2.24 Do You - Paul Kent
2.25 She Is Still a Mystery - Summer Wine
2.26 I Really Mean You - Kincade
2.27 The Sun Has Got His Hat on - Nemo
3.1 Gimme Dat Ding - the Pipkins
3.2 229 Years to Doomsday - Bruce Spelman
3.3 Rainbow Chaser - Pica
3.4 Julian the Holligan (Edited Single Version) - Rockin' Horse
3.5 Down Down Down - Autumn
3.6 Get Ready for Love - Paintbox
3.7 You're Ready Now - Sons and Lovers
3.8 Alright - Bay City Rollers
3.9 Sweat, Dust and Red Wine - Deep Feeling
3.10 My Kind of Music - Smoky Forbes
3.11 For Better or Worse - Birds of a Feather
3.12 Bring All the Young Men Back Home - Blackwater Junction
3.13 Sausalito - Gary Benson
3.14 Bordeaux Rose - Fairfield Parlour
3.15 Jam Jam - American Jam Band
3.16 Black and White - Greyhound
3.17 She Keeps Giving Me These Feelings - Velvet Opera
3.18 Do You Know What I Mean - Simon Turner
3.19 Hurdy Gurdy - Muff
3.20 One More Mile to Freedom - John Carter
3.21 Ooh la la - Dave MacTavish
3.22 You Better Run - Boots
3.23 Lady Sadie - Hotlegs
3.24 Rock 'A' Bye - Holy Mackerel
3.25 San Jose - Shakane
3.26 Tossing and Turning - Hooters
3.27 Mouldy Old Dough - Lieutenant Pigeon

Various Artists: Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Volume 2: The British Pop Explosion 1970-1973 / Various

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