Various Artists

Various Artists: CiTR's Pop Alliance Vol. 5 / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: CiTR's Pop Alliance Vol. 5 / Various
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. CiTR 101.9FM and Discorder Magazine have teamed up with Mint Records for the fifth volume of Pop Alliance. The series, which has become a bi-annual tradition between Mint Records and the University of British Columbia radio station, aims to showcase everything that is new and vital in the Vancouver independent music scene. Curated by Music Director Andy Resto and members of the CiTR Student Executive, CiTR and Discorder have settled on a broader understanding of the definition of "pop" this time around. Interspersed throughout the record are small interludes which use distorted clips of songs that had appeared on previous Pop Alliance compilations. The interludes serve as both a callback to the history of the series while also signifying a departure into musical and artistic realms beyond their initial scope. This gives a vitality and living nature to the record which reflects the ever changing and growing landscape of Vancouver's music scene.

1.1 Introduction - Various Artists
1.2 I Just Ran Out of Friends - Chris-A-Riffic
1.3 Secretly the Mayor - Tough Customer
1.4 Interlude - Various Artists
1.5 Brick - Swim Team
1.6 Vulture Halo - Passive
1.7 Cinderland - High Plains
1.8 Interlude II - Various Artists
1.9 Cicadabanana - Shitlord Fuckerman
1.10 Garnet Graves - Devours
1.11 Landscape - Peggy Lee

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