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Various Artists: Classic Southern Gospel: From Smithsonian Folkways

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Classic Southern Gospel: From Smithsonian Folkways
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

CLASSIC SOUTHERN GOSPEL brings some of the best in bluegrass gospel and country gospel from the Smithsonian Folkway archives in the one special priced set.

1.1 I'm Working on a Building - Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys
1.2 No Disappointment in Heaven - Dock Boggs
1.3 Wondrous Love - the Old Harp Singers of Eastern Tennessee
1.4 Are You Washed in the Blood - Red Allen
1.5 What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? - Harry ; Jeanie West
1.6 The Lost Soul - the Watson Family
1.7 Hallelujah Side - Earnest Stoneman
1.8 Walking in Jerusalem (Just Like John) - the Country Gentlemen
1.9 Sinner, You'd Better Get Ready - the Lilly Brothers
1.10 When He Reached Down His Hand for Me - Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys
1.11 Away Over in the Promised Land - the A.L. Phipps Family
1.12 No Tears in Heaven - Kilby Snow
1.13 Old Country Church - Tom Morgan
1.14 Glory to the Lamb - the Debusk-Weaver Family
1.15 Amazing Grace - Doc Watson
1.16 River of Jordan - the Poplin Family
1.17 Shake Hands with Mother Again - the Allen Brothers
1.18 Gabriel's Call - Hazel and Alice
1.19 What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul? - Bill Monroe
1.20 He Said, If You Love Me, Feed My Sheep - the Stancer Quartet
1.21 I Am a Pilgrim - the Country Gentlemen
1.22 I'm Going to a City - Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptists

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