Various Artists: Contemporary America: Another Center

Various Artists: Contemporary America: Another Center
Title: Contemporary America: Another Center
Label: Adventure Music

This CD for me, is the fruit of a magical encounter and the realization of a dream. I always asked myself why Brasil has such little contact with other South American countries? This is a question that has intrigued me for the past 15 years. Little by little, by way of some projects and the work of a few people, this accomplishment became possible. My collaboration witht he Mercado Cultural de Bahia opened doors on a variety of fronts: through the materials that came in from several South American countries, whose quality really surprised us; though my aquaintance with the artists and producers that participated in the event over the years; as well as all the trips that i've taken to these countries since 2001. Complimenting these connections was my contact with Carlos Aguirre, who i have had the privilege of playing with on other occasions. So we began to think about the possibility of establishing a group with this formation. And through the suggestions, contacts, and partnerships we had with this diversity of musicians and producers, we came up with this current esemble. Other countries are still missing...but this is a process under construction that will give rise to new projects of collaboration and exchange; of rich and delightful mutual experience; of many stories and tales... I hope this adventure of ours touches you all in the same way. Benjamin Taubkin ( taken from the liner notes )

1.1 Carmelita, Goodbye (Camelita, Adiós)
1.2 The Music and the World (La Musica y la Palabra)
1.3 Mysteries of May (Misterios de Mayo)
1.4 Doing the Panguito (Panguito Lando)
1.5 To My Brothers (A Mis Hermanos)
1.6 Cowboy Songs (Cantos de Vaqueria / El Gavilán)
1.7 Jucá's Valley (Vale Do Jucá)
1.8 Cajoning (Cajoneando)
1.9 A Tonada for My Little Girl (Tonada Para Mi Niña)
1.10 Spring (Primavera)

Various Artists: Contemporary America: Another Center

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