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Various Artists: Ecco Il Momento

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Ecco Il Momento
Label: Vanitas

This intriguing album intertwines tenor cantatas and recorder sonatas. The chosen music comes from the highest time in Italian Baroque. Previous recordings by the La Tempesta Basel have been critically acclaimed. "The La Tempesta ensemble from Basel is led by recorder player Muriel Rienth, who performs with clarity and a good sense of phrasing. She blends with the voice, her husband Felix Rienth, so that the two form an inseparable duo. The continuo group remains discretely in the background, giving a solid foundation but never overshadowing the upper lines." (Fanfare) "Felix Rienth has a light and flexible tenor, always on pitch and giving the music much in the way of fine nuance, making Pepusch come alive. I am also impressed by Norberto Broggini's playing of the organ voluntaries. He has a fine knack for choosing good registrations that are never overbearing, but always bring out the frenetic lines with seeming ease. This is one fine disc, and not only does Pepusch need to be resurrected beyond The Beggar's Opera, this performance does his competent and interesting music full justice." (Fanfare)

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