Various Artists: Electric Blues 1970-05 (English) 4 / Various

Various Artists: Electric Blues 1970-05 (English) 4 / Various
Title: Electric Blues 1970-05 (English) 4 / Various
Label: Bear Family Germany

Volume Four of Four. Booklet in English. EU-only three CD collection compiled and annotated by renowned Blues expert, Bill Dahl. Bear Family Records is telling the story from the beginning of electric Blues into the new millennium. In the 1930s, the invention of Gibson's ES-150 - the first electric guitar - changed popular music forever. The first generation of Blues pioneers played acoustic instruments, but with the invention of amplification, guitar and harmonica players could be heard over the piano, drums and horns. Music was revolutionized. Here's the complete story from jazz-inspired jump numbers in the late 1930s to hard-driving blues/rock from the States and Great Britain in the 1960s, '70s, and beyond.

1.1 Something Strange Is Goin' on in My House
1.2 I Can't Get Next to You
1.3 Big Leg Woman (With a Short Short Mini Skirt)
1.4 Get Your Lie Straight
1.5 Don't Make Me Pay for His Mistakes
1.6 A Nickel and a Nail
1.7 Chicken Heads
1.8 Everybody Knows About My Good Thing, Pt. 1
1.9 Drowning in the Sea of Love
1.10 Joey
1.11 That's What Love Will Make You Do
1.12 Breaking Up Somebody's Home
1.13 I'll Play the Blues for You
1.14 Man Sized Job
1.15 You Turn to Cry
1.16 It's Hard Going Up (But Twice As Hard Coming Down)
1.17 To Know You Is to Love You
1.18 Cheaper to Keep Her
1.19 Let's Straighten It Out
1.20 I Wouldn't Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me)
1.21 Take Me to the River
1.22 Turning Point
1.23 Ain't That a Bitch
1.24 (You Are My) Learnin' Tree
2.1 The Thrill Is Gone
2.2 Memory Pain
2.3 Going Down
2.4 Homework
2.5 Right Place, Wrong Time
2.6 Give Me Back My Wig
2.7 Stoop Down Baby
2.8 Should've Learnt My Lesson
2.9 After Hours
2.10 Your Love Is Like a Cancer
2.11 Stealin' Watermelons
2.12 Luther's Blues
2.13 Boogie Thing
2.14 La Grange
2.15 Somebody Loan Me a Dime
2.16 The Train I Ride
2.17 Before You Accuse Me
2.18 Runaway
2.19 Hey Bartender
2.20 Duke's Blues
2.21 Bad Dream
3.1 Rock This House
3.2 Brick
3.3 Down Home Blues
3.4 Claim Jumper
3.5 Dollar Got the Blues
3.6 Bad to the Bone
3.7 Pride and Joy
3.8 Don't Take Advantage of Me
3.9 Tuff Enuff
3.10 Smoking Gun
3.11 Cold Is the Night
3.12 Damn Right, I've Got the Blues
3.13 Your Love Is Real
3.14 Red Beans
3.15 All Night Long
3.16 Old Black Mattie
3.17 Robert Nighthawk Stomp [Live]
3.18 Bad Love
3.19 Backup Man
3.20 Check My Pulse

Various Artists: Electric Blues 1970-05 (English) 4 / Various

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