Various Artists: Eskimos Hudson Bay Alaska / Various

Various Artists: Eskimos Hudson Bay Alaska / Various
Title: Eskimos Hudson Bay Alaska / Various
Label: Folkways Records

The barren region ranging from Siberia across Alaska and Canada into Greenland presents a constant struggle for survival for the people of the Far North who call it home. Their music includes dance songs, hunting songs, game songs, animal calls, animal stories, and story songs. Most have no instrumental accompaniment. Laura Boulton (1899-1980), an American ethnomusicologist who recorded the music on this album, studied music all around the world, from Africa and Eastern Europe to the South Pacific and the Arctic Circle.

1.1 Johnnie Bull Song
1.2 His First Hunt
1.3 All Songs Have Been Exhausted
1.4 Hunting for Musk Ox
1.5 Hunting Seals
1.6 I Sing About a Dance
1.7 Before We Came to This Religion
1.8 Girls' Game
1.9 Children's Game
1.10 Bird Imitations
1.11 Imitations of Walrus
1.12 Animal Stories
1.13 Hunting Song
1.14 Dance Songs: I Am Lonesome; When I Feel Like Singing, I Sing; I Am Waiting for the Boat to Come; Jumping Skin Song; I Will Show You the Way; It Was a Very Lovely Day When the Water Was Calm
1.15 Story Songs: Boy Resting By the River; Nooneedle Bird; Man Who Was Not a Good Hunter
1.16 Dance Song
1.17 Inviting-In Dance Song
1.18 Dance Song
1.19 Dance Song

Various Artists: Eskimos Hudson Bay Alaska / Various

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