Various Artists

Various Artists: Fairy Tales, Kid Stories and Fun Vol. 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Fairy Tales, Kid Stories and Fun Vol. 1
Label: Essential Media Mod

An entertaining audiobook collection of folk tales, stories and fairy tales for kids spread over 4 volumes

1.1 Little Red Riding Hood
1.2 The Three Little Pigs
1.3 The Country Mouse
1.4 Three Billy Goats Gruff
1.5 How Jack Went to Seek His Fortune
1.6 Johnny Cake
1.7 The Hare and the Hound
1.8 Puss in Boots
1.9 The Queen Bee
1.10 The Rose-Tree
1.11 Mercury and the Sculptor
1.12 Tattercoats
1.13 Mr. Rabbit
1.14 The Snow Maiden
1.15 The Dog and His Shadow
1.16 The Farmer and His Sons
1.17 The Seven Ravens
1.18 The Boy Bathing
1.19 The Lioness
1.20 The Little Golden Bird
1.21 The Hen and the Fox
1.22 The Little Pear Girl
1.23 The Magic Tinderbox
1.24 One More Child
1.25 The Saucy Boy

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