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Various Artists: Gastonia Gallop: Cotton Mill Songs and Hillbilly Blues

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Gastonia Gallop: Cotton Mill Songs and Hillbilly Blues

Against a backdrop of factory whistles, clattering machines and low-wage labor, Piedmont textile workers in North Carolina created a soul-stirring sound that laid the foundation for modern country music. A 24-page booklet tells the tales behind these 1927-31 recordings of protest songs, folk songs, ballads and blues by David McCarn, Carolina Twins, Wilmer Watts and more!

1.1 Gastonia Gallop
1.2 Get Your Head in Here
1.3 Gal of Mine Took My Licker from Me
1.4 Cotton Mill Colic
1.5 Been on the Job Too Long
1.6 Southern Jack
1.7 Everyday Dirt
1.8 Bonnie Bess
1.9 Think a Little
1.10 Bay Rum Blues
1.11 Walk Right in Belmont
1.12 Red Rose Rag
1.13 Poor Man, Rich Man [Cotton Mill Colic No. 2]
1.14 She's a Hard Boiled Rose
1.15 I Want My Black Baby Back
1.16 Ain't Gonna Do It No More
1.17 Sleepy Desert
1.18 Take Them for a Ride
1.19 Charlotte Hot Step
1.20 Cotton Mill Blues
1.21 When You Go a Courtin'
1.22 A Change in Business All Around
1.23 Working for My Sally
1.24 Serves 'Em Fine

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