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Various Artists: Gennett Jazz

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Gennett Jazz

Richmond, Indiana's Gennett label didn't have the clout of Victor or Columbia-but a tour through this track list will tell you that they were a key player in early jazz recording. Check it out: Just Gone; Snake Rag King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band; Kansas City Stomp; Wolverine Blues Jelly Roll Morton; Ya Gotta Know How to Love Fess Williams; Wild Geese Blues Alberta Jones; My Baby State Street Ramblers; My Back to the Wall Irene Scruggs; Oh Baby Wolverine Orchestra; Bringing Home the Bacon Windy City Jazzers; How Could I Be Blue? Elvira Johnson, and more!

1.1 Eccentric
1.2 Farewell Blues
1.3 Discontented Blues
1.4 Bugle Call Blues
1.5 Panama
1.6 Tiger Rag
1.7 Boo Hoo Hoo
1.8 Tiger Rag
1.9 Stop Your Kidding
1.10 You've Got to See Your Mama Every Night
1.11 Runnin' Wild
1.12 Nobody's Sweetheart
1.13 Unfortunate Blues
1.14 Jazz Me Blues
1.15 Oh Baby
1.16 Copenhagen
1.17 Riverboat Shuffle
1.18 Susie
1.19 Sensation
1.20 Lazy Daddy
1.21 Big Boy
1.22 Swingin' Down the Lane
1.23 Slue Foot
1.24 Bringing Home the Bacon
1.25 Hot Mittens
1.26 Charley My Boy
1.27 Steady Steppin' Papa
2.1 Just Gone
2.2 Canal Street Blues
2.3 Mandy Lee Blues
2.4 I'm Going Away to Wear You Off My Mind
2.5 Chimes Blues
2.6 Weather Bird Rag
2.7 Dipper Mouth Blues (Sugar Foot Stomp)
2.8 Froggie Moore
2.9 Snake Rag
2.10 King Porter (A Stomp)
2.11 New Orleans (Blues) Joys
2.12 Grandpa's Spells (A Stomp)
2.13 Kansas City Stomp
2.14 Wolverine Blues (Joys)
2.15 The Pearls (A Stomp)
2.16 Terrible Blues
2.17 Santa Claus Blues
2.18 It's Breaking My Heart to Keep Away from You
2.19 Ya Gotta Know How to Love
2.20 Fourth Avenue Stomp
2.21 Barbecue Blues (F Sharp Blues)
2.22 Monte Carlo Joys
2.23 Twin Blues
2.24 Brown Jug Blues
2.25 Bass Blues
3.1 Nobody Knows the Way I Feel 'Dis Mornin'
3.2 Early Every Morn
3.3 Make That Gravel Fly
3.4 Daddy What You Going to Do
3.5 War Horse Mama
3.6 You Don't Know My Mind Blues
3.7 31st Street Blues
3.8 Pipe Dream Blues
3.9 I'm Drifting from You Blues
3.10 A Woman Gets Tired of One Man All the Time
3.11 How Could I Be Blue?
3.12 Numbers on the Brain
3.13 Blues Rode Me All Night Long
3.14 Lost Man Blues
3.15 You Used to Be Sugar Blues
3.16 Strange Woman's Dream
3.17 Wild Geese Blues
3.18 Red Beans and Rice
3.19 East Coast Blues
3.20 Working Man Blues
3.21 Fall or Summer Blues
3.22 Sport Model Mamma Blues
3.23 If You Want to Keep Your Daddy Home
3.24 Laughin' Cryin' Blues
3.25 Midnight Blues (A Wee Hour Chant)
3.26 Triflin' Blues (Daddy Don't You Trifle on Me)
4.1 My Baby
4.2 Pleasure Mad
4.3 Oriental Man
4.4 Some Do and Some Don't
4.5 Tack It Down
4.6 Endurance Stomp
4.7 Yearning and Blue
4.8 Someday You'll Know
4.9 Pass the Jug
4.10 Jelly Roll Stomp
4.11 You've Got What I Want
4.12 My Back to the Wall
4.13 Make Me Know It
4.14 Mandy
4.15 Hum All Your Troubles Away
4.16 It's Tight Like That
4.17 Some of These Days
4.18 Spirit of '49 Rag
4.19 Chicken Supper Strut
4.20 Mississippi Shivers
4.21 I Wonder Blues (I've Got the Wonder Blues)
4.22 Pick Me Up and Lay Me Down in Dear Old Dixieland
4.23 Who Loved You Best
4.24 "E Flat" Blues (Sic)
4.25 Original Charleston Strut
4.26 Jazzin' Babies Blues
4.27 Twelfth Street Rag

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