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Various Artists: Golden State Funk-Impossibly Rare Funk From The Bay Area

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Golden State Funk-Impossibly Rare Funk From The Bay Area

Incredibly rare funk singles by the likes of the San Francisco TKOs, Windjammers, Love Experience and Mel Davis will no doubt catch the eye of the hard-core collector, but this highly listenable compilation can also boast that over half it's contents are unreleased, with some red-hot sounds from the likes of 87th Off Broadway, '60s soul thrush Ramona King, future Janis Joplin sideman Snooky Flowers and the inimitable Wally Cox. Master tape sound, in-depth liner notes and some eye-popping pictures complete the package. Regionally-focused funk comps have become an increasingly popular showcase for the obscure delights beloved of the aficionados, and "We've Gotta Groove: Golden State Funk" is one of the strongest to have come down the pike.

1.1 Poor Sad Child Parts 1 ; 2 - Windjammers
1.2 Are You Together for the New Day? - Love Experience
1.3 Can't Get Enough - 87th Off Broadway
1.4 Devil's Got Your Mind - San Francisco Tkos
1.5 House Party - Wally Cox and the Natives
1.6 I'm Glad I Got Over You - Jeanette Jones
1.7 Hearing Things - Snooky and the Cosmic Flowers
1.8 I've Gotta Groove - Julio Zavalla
1.9 Love Machine - Alonzo Smith
1.10 Herm - San Francisco Tkos
1.11 Sweet Talk - Marvin Holmes ; the Uptights
1.12 You'd Be Good for Me - Jeanette Jones
1.13 Why - 87th Off Broadway
1.14 Za Zu (Alternate with Sound Effects) - Wally Cox and Nate Branch
1.15 Mini Skirts - Snooky and the Cosmic Flowers
1.16 Just Another Smile - Mel Davis
1.17 Acilady - San Francisco TKO
1.18 Super Chicken - Ramona King
1.19 Rock Steady - Ruby Delicious
1.20 Vida Blue Part 1 - Jimmy Bee

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