Various Artists

Various Artists: Good Girls Go Bad: Wild Weird and Wanted

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Good Girls Go Bad: Wild Weird and Wanted
Label: Ace Records UK

A compilation that spotlights weird, wild and wonderful women in a wigged-out collection of stone rockers and the occasional walk of the strange side.

1.1 Skull ; Crossbones
1.2 Killer
1.3 Tiger
1.4 Rock-A-Bop
1.5 Just Another Lie
1.6 Shake a Leg
1.7 Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe
1.8 Sugar Baby
1.9 I Need a Man
1.10 Ten Cats Down
1.11 Boppers 486609
1.12 Chilly Willy
1.13 He Will Come Back
1.14 Dirty Dishes
1.15 Three Young Chicks
1.16 Friction Heat
1.17 I'm Leaving
1.18 Reconsider Me
1.19 Everlasting Love
1.20 Someday You Will Pay
1.21 Red Velvet
1.22 Super Duper
1.23 Get Behind Me Satan ; Push
1.24 Welcome to the Club
1.25 Conscience I'm Guilty
1.26 Flower of My Heart
1.27 Willie Joe

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