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Various Artists: Great Cover Versions Vol. Ii (Various Artists)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Great Cover Versions Vol. Ii (Various Artists)
Label: Inakustik
Product Type: VINYL LP

This remarkable sound carrier from in-akustik has been assembled with a love of musical detail. 16 tracks featuring Great Cover Versions are forming a seamless and exceptional sound and listening experience.Listen to marvelous versions of well-known songs and hits like Hey Joe, Vincent, One, Wicked Game, Nothing Else Matters, Because You Loved Me, or probably the best cover version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, sung by Jeff Buckley a.o.RESO Mastering, the high definition mastering procedure, provides significant acoustic improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and depth differentiation. The music is gaining more atmosphere and emotion.To best transmit this musical experience, the Direct Metal Mastercut (DMM) technique is employed and 180 gram pure Vinyl (Virgin Vinyl) is used for the sound carrier.Also available on UHQ-CD (Ultimate High Quality Compact Disc) and HQCD (High Quality Compact Disc)

1.1 Christy Baron - Ain't No Sunshine
1.2 Otis Taylor - Hey Joe
1.3 Adanta - I Love You
1.4 Meiko - Super Freak
1.5 Lisette Spinnler - Kothbiro
1.6 Sara K - Vincent
1.7 Inger Marie Gundersen - One
1.8 Lydia Ainsworth - Wicked Game
2.1 Macy Gray - Nothing Else Matters
2.2 Chlara - Wild World
2.3 Friend 'N Fellow - One More Day
2.4 Monkey House - Book of Liars
2.5 Julienne Taylor - Because You Loved Me
2.6 Ricky Lee Jones - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
2.7 Tok Tok Tok - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
2.8 Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

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