Various Artists: Gundam w Operation 1 (Original Soundtrack)

Various Artists: Gundam w Operation 1 (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Gundam w Operation 1 (Original Soundtrack)
Label: King Records

Japanese anime soundtrack originally issued in 1999, features 40 tracks. King Record. 2004.

1.1 Wings of a Boy That Killed Adolescence
1.2 Black Wind Invites to the the Death
1.3 In the Returned Blood ; Smell of Gunpowder
1.4 Looking for the Peace Hiding in the Corpse
1.5 When Dragon Swims, Everything Ends
1.6 -Just Communication- Vo- Two-Mix
1.7 Curtain of the Next Chapter Is Coming Up Now
1.8 Eternity ; Infinity in These Hands
1.9 Treize Kushreinada-The Person Who Makes History
1.10 Use Coming from Darkness
1.11 Can Hear the Voice Calling the Soul
1.12 GW Bridge Collection I
1.13 Soft Hair See-Through Eyes
1.14 Inside of the Girl's Heart
1.15 Heard the Whispers of the Stars at the Night When the Moon S
1.16 To Beauty, to Elegance, and to Noble-Mindedness
1.17 Feel Like Crossing Over That Rainbow Bridge
1.18 Peace Being Broken, Time Moving on
1.19 Plot String ; Marionette
1.20 Cold Blooded Thirstiness
1.21 As Relena Peacecraft
1.22 From Uncertainty to Impatience
1.23 Heero's Time of Decision
1.24 GW Bridge Collection II
1.25 Long Time Ago, Pain That Alreday Thrown
1.26 That Clown Doesn't Need the Make-Up of Tears
1.27 Sandy Clock of a Sad Color
1.28 Sparkling Harmony
1.29 Peaceful Moment with You
1.30 Mission Accomplished
1.31 Gundam Attack
1.32 Battle Field of Plot
1.33 Oz Mobile Suit Getting Close
1.34 Enforcement Breakthrough
1.35 Unknown Pressure
1.36 Zechs Comes
1.37 Just Communication-Instrumental Version
1.38 Code Name Is Heero-Yuy
1.39 It's Just Love- Vo- Rumi Ohishi

Various Artists: Gundam w Operation 1 (Original Soundtrack)

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