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Various Artists: Hair (20th Anniversary Edition) (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Hair (20th Anniversary Edition) (Original Soundtrack)
Label: RCA

It's been 20 years since Milos Forman's screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, and RCA is celebrating the occasion by releasing, for the first time, the COMPLETE soundtrack, remastered from the original session tapes! That means the songs Party Music and My Conviction are available for the first time, plus favorites like Aquarius; Let the Sun Shine In, and Good Morning Star shine. Groovy!

1.1 Aquarius
1.2 Sodomy
1.3 Donna/Hashish
1.4 Colored Spade
1.5 Manchester
1.6 Abie Baby/Fourscore
1.7 I'm Black/Ain't Got No
1.8 Air
1.9 Party Music
1.10 My Conviction
1.11 I Got Life
1.12 Frank Mills
1.13 Hair
1.14 L.B.J
1.15 Electric Blues/Old Fashioned Melody
1.16 Hare Krishna
1.17 Where Do I Go?
1.18 Black Boys
1.19 White Boys
1.20 Walking in Space
1.21 Easy to Be Hard
1.22 3-5-0-0
1.23 Good Morning Starshine
1.24 What a Piece of Work Is Man
1.25 Somebody to Love
1.26 Don't Put It Down
1.27 The Flesh Failures/Let the Sunshine in

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