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Various Artists: Hands Off! 1950-1956 Modern Studio Recordings

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Hands Off! 1950-1956 Modern Studio Recordings

A long overdue package which brings together the complete studio masters by several of Modern's best female singers of the 1950s, none of whom cut enough material for a CD of their own. Only seven of the 27 recordings here have been issued legally on CD before. Where Ace has issued the master on an existing CD, we have tried - as much as possible - to use previously unissued alternate takes to add to the value for money. Almost all the tracks have been freshly remastered from original tapes and acetates - or, if not tapes exist, new dubs from best quality vinyl and shellac have been created for your maximum listening pleasure.

1.1 Dog Gone It - Donna Hightower
1.2 Love Me Again - Donna Hightower
1.3 Bob-O-Link - Donna Hightower
1.4 Since You - Donna Hightower
1.5 Hands Off - Donna Hightower
1.6 Right Now - Donna Hightower
1.7 He's My Baby - Donna Hightower
1.8 I Ain't Gonna Tell - Donna Hightower
1.9 Cool Daddy Cool - Donna Hightower
1.10 The Laziest Gal in Town - Helen Humes
1.11 Hey Hey Baby - Helen Humes
1.12 Living My Life My Way - Helen Humes
1.13 I Ain't in the Mood - Helen Humes
1.14 Take My Love - Helen Humes
1.15 My Man Aka He May Be Your Man) - Dolly Cooper
1.16 Ay la Bah - Dolly Cooper
1.17 Down So Long (Take 3) - Dolly Cooper
1.18 Teenage Prayer - Dolly Cooper
1.19 Teenage Wedding Bells - Dolly Cooper
1.20 Every Day and Every Night - Dolly Cooper
1.21 One More Chance - Linda Peters
1.22 Ooh Daddy - Linda Peters
1.23 If I Had Listened - Linda Peters
1.24 Central 1609 - Linda Peters
1.25 You Won't Trouble Me No More - Linda Peters
1.26 Make Love to Me - Zola Taylor
1.27 Oh My Dear - Zola Taylor

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