Various Artists: Highlights of Vortex / Various

Various Artists: Highlights of Vortex / Various
Title: Highlights of Vortex / Various
Label: Folkways Records

This record functions as the 1959 avant-garde score for Vortex, a music/film production shown in the Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco. One of the first multimedia events of it's kind, this performance includes tracks that were constructed for playback on a 38 speaker system by several different musicians/engineers. According to the Center of Visual Music, the performance created a "type of immersion environment [that] had never been created before". Artists include Henry Jacobs, Gordon Longfellow, David L. Talcott, and William Loughborough. This electronic music is primarily in the style of Musique Concrete - a genre that features a wide array of sounds recorded to tape and then arranged in a specific order - but more traditional instruments are heard on this recording as well.

1.1 Trilogy
1.2 Chan
1.3 For the Big Horn
1.4 Logos
1.5 Rhythm Study No. 8
1.6 Notes on the History of a World Pt.3
1.7 Loop No.3
1.8 Electronic Kabuki Mambo
1.9 350-2

Various Artists: Highlights of Vortex / Various

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