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Various Artists: Intoxica: Strange and Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The SoCal Suburbs

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Intoxica: Strange and Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The SoCal Suburbs
Label: Ace Records UK

This collection features instrumentals from the young bands from the California beach communities and as far east as Las Vegas; cabaret acts from the lounges of Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs; mixed in with some great R&B names who used Downey's studio and cut some fine instrumental of their own. The theme that links them is a quirky sense of drama and fun, a certain sleaziness, a movie theme creativity, and all recorded in an experimental fashion the equal of Joe Meek, who was working contemporaneously in London. Ace. 2006.

1.1 Intoxica - Revels
1.2 Night Scene - the Rumblers
1.3 Se Acab - the Del Rio Bros
1.4 Eight Ball - the Hustlers
1.5 Night Rider - Ed Burkey
1.6 Bandido - Pastel Six
1.7 Here Comes the Bug - the Rumblers
1.8 Sound of Mecca - the Blazers
1.9 Hava Nagila - Ginny ; the Gallions
1.10 Migraine - the Hustlers
1.11 Night Scene - Chuck Higgins
1.12 A Week from Tuesday - Pastel Six
1.13 Inertia - the Hustlers
1.14 Comanche - Revels
1.15 Theme of Etiquette - Hindu
1.16 Blockade Aka That's It - the Rumblers
1.17 Dreams of Downey - Ed Burkey
1.18 Ghost of Mary Meade (Part 2) - Little Caesar ; the Ark Angels
1.19 Third Man Theme - Ginny ; the Gallions
1.20 Water Wheel - Chuck Higgins
1.21 Hot Licks - the Rendells
1.22 Frenzy - Hindu
1.23 Rosemary's Baby Aka Apache Ghost - Ed Burkey
1.24 Maid 'N' Japan - the Nylons
1.25 Russian Roulette - the Nevegans
1.26 Space Battle - Stories in Sound

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