Various Artists: Jesus Rocked The Jukebox: Small Group Black Gospel (1951-1965)

Various Artists: Jesus Rocked The Jukebox: Small Group Black Gospel (1951-1965)
Title: Jesus Rocked The Jukebox: Small Group Black Gospel (1951-1965)
Label: Craft Recordings

Two CD edition. 2017 collection. Jesus Rocked the Jukebox offers a spirited celebration of some of the most foundational songs in American musical history, tracing the evolution of the modern soul, R&B, and rock n' roll genres via the likes of The Blind Boys of Alabama, The Swan Silvertones, The Staple Singers, Sam Cooke, and The Chosen Gospel Singers featuring Lou Rawls. Includes in-depth liner notes by noted gospel scholar and historian Bob Marovich. Also includes tracks from The Highway Q.C.'s, The Soul Stirrers (featuring Sam Cooke), The Patterson Singers, The Gable-Airs, The Harmonizing Four, The Detroiters and The Pilgrim Travelers.

1.1 People Don't Sing - the Blind Boys of Alabama
1.2 Jesus Gave Me Water - the Soul Stirrers
1.3 Uncloudy Day - the Staple Singers
1.4 Where Shall I Go - the Swan Silvertones
1.5 I Am So Glad - the Patterson Singers
1.6 I Dreamed That Heaven Was Like This - the Highway Q.C.'s
1.7 Oh Sinner - the Harmonizing Four
1.8 God Has Not Promised - the Highway Q.C.'s
1.9 Let Jesus Lead You - Detroiters
1.10 Swing Down Chariot - the Staple Singers
1.11 Sinner Man - the Swan Silvertones
1.12 Ananais - the Chosen Gospel Singers
1.13 Wade in the Water - the Harmonizing Four
1.14 Just Another Day - the Soul Stirrers
1.15 The Way Up the Hill - the Highway Q.C.'s
1.16 Living for My Jesus - the Blind Boys of Alabama
1.17 Pray on - the Staple Singers
1.18 Sinner's Crossroads - the Silver Quintette
1.19 This May Be the Last Time - the Blind Boys of Alabama
1.20 It's in My Heart - the Harmonizing Four
2.1 Swingin' on the Golden Gate - the Blind Boys of Alabama
2.2 After While (Take 8) - the Pilgrim Travelers
2.3 Oh Mary Don't You Weep - the Swan Silvertones
2.4 Heavenly Father - the Patterson Singers
2.5 Sit Down Servant - the Staple Singers
2.6 Stay with Me Jesus - the Chosen Gospel Singers
2.7 Come and Go to That Land (Take 3) - Sam Cooke
2.8 Angels Watching Over Me - Detroiters
2.9 I Can See Everybody's Mother - Original Blind Boys of Alabama
2.10 Happy Home - the Harmonizing Four
2.11 Move Upstairs - the Gable - Airs
2.12 Pray - the Highway Q.C.'s
2.13 How I Got Over - the Swan Silvertones
2.14 Help Me Jesus - the Staple Singers
2.15 Sign of the Judgment - the Swan Silvertones
2.16 Hallelujah - the Harmonizing Four
2.17 Sinner Run to Jesus (Take 1) - the Soul Stirrers
2.18 Father Don't Leave - the Silver Quintette
2.19 He's Alright - the Blind Boys of Alabama
2.20 The Lord's Prayer - the Swan Silvertones

Various Artists: Jesus Rocked The Jukebox: Small Group Black Gospel (1951-1965)

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