Various Artists

Various Artists: Laments Lebanon: Funeral / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Laments Lebanon: Funeral / Various
Label: Folkways Records

1.1 Nadb for An Adult Male
1.2 ?Ida Song for a Deceased Young Man
1.3 Nadb for a Deceased Girl
1.4 Tahnin for a Deceased Girl
1.5 Fraqiyyat for a Young Woman; the Last Verse for a Deceased Father
1.6 Nadb Lamenting Ill-Fate, Possibly for a Deceased Parent
1.7 Nadb for An Older Man, Other Deceased Are Also Addressed
1.8 Qa?Idah Sung for Na?Irah Junbula?, a Deceased Woman of Distinguished Social and Political Stature
1.9 Nadb for a Deceased Boy
1.10 Nadb for An Old Man of Certain Political and Social Eminence
1.11 Fraqiyyat for a Deceased Old Man
1.12 Nadb Medley for An Old Man
1.13 Skaba and Fraqiyyat for An Old Man
1.14 Nadb for An Older Man
1.15 Funeral March for the Funeral of An Older Man of Political Stature - Immortelle
1.16 A Near Eastern March - March Shakir Basha
1.17 Marching Music

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