Various Artists: Lappish Joik Norway / Various

Various Artists: Lappish Joik Norway / Various
Title: Lappish Joik Norway / Various
Label: Folkways Records

In the Northern tundra region of Norway, Finland, and Sweden live the nomadic reindeer herding Lapps. Other than the human voice the only instrument utilized by the Lapps, on or off this recording, is a tambourine-like drum. Furthermore, the Lapps only know one type of song, the Joik song. This 1956 Folkways release and it's accompanying liner notes chronicle the various forms of the Joik song. Though Joik singing is primarily comprised of nonsense words set to fixed melodies, short descriptive sentences and names are occasionally interspersed. To this day, Joik singing remains prevalent throughout Lappish culture.

1.1 Daniel A?Laksen Sara
1.2 Hento Risten
1.3 Piera? Mikkal
1.4 Hvielpis
1.5 Qarja
1.6 Ravdul Johan - Johan Rasmussen Ulzi
1.7 Eira A?Lak
1.8 Marrenjarq Aldo
1.9 Joho Per Henderak
1.10 Anne Marja
1.11 ?Mot Jovven
1.12 Joh?S Kirste
1.13 Andin Piera - Per Andersen Eira
1.14 Mikkel Isak - Mikkel Isak Oskar
1.15 Janona
1.16 Joh?S Kirste Biret Kirste
1.17 Haik' Inga
1.18 Ailen Ailen
1.19 Anne Jovna
1.20 Hanas Ande
1.21 Joergen Jassa
1.22 Benna Kirste
1.23 Mathe Nilas Mathe
1.24 Thuri Nilsen Turi Masi
1.25 Thor Frette
1.26 A Song for the Different Lappish Communities
1.27 Markel Joavna Piera
1.28 The Havka - Pike
1.29 Joik for the Cow
1.30 Storasolojaure
1.31 Kajohande
1.32 Piera Mikkel
1.33 Anna Sofia Mienna
1.34 Johan Buljo
1.35 Malen Inga Benna
1.36 Mana Gallaka Noukat
1.37 Josef Mikkel Sara
1.38 Johan Goup
1.39 Leorik Keskadelo
1.40 Anders Sara
1.41 Johan Hendrik Johan Kemi
1.42 Mathis Eira and Anders Goup
1.43 Mikkel Eira
1.44 Song for a German
1.45 Anders Goup
1.46 Nils N. Eira
1.47 Johan Klemet Buljo
1.48 Marit Johan Kemi
1.49 Nils N. Eira
1.50 Mikkel Nilsen Eira
1.51 Inga Goup
1.52 Johan Eira
1.53 Isak Buljo
1.54 Nils Kemi
1.55 Johan Goup
1.56 John Johnsen
1.57 Ellen Klemet Buljo
1.58 Mathis Goup

Various Artists: Lappish Joik Norway / Various

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