Various Artists

Various Artists: Latin Rap and Videos

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Latin Rap and Videos

1.1 You Don't Want a Stret War
1.2 Chicano Rap Hall of Shame
1.3 Green Swagger and Style
1.4 Torpedo Roll Call
1.5 I'll Be Missing You
1.6 Money Getting Taller
1.7 Tatted Up Homeboys
1.8 Southern Califas
1.9 Bitches
1.10 Invasion
1.11 Mission Unstoppable
1.12 Running the Game
1.13 Outro
2.1 You Don't Want a Stret War [Video]
2.2 Chicano Rap Hall of Shame [Video]
2.3 Green Swagger and Style [Video]
2.4 Torpedo Roll Call [Video]
2.5 I'll Be Missing You [Video]
2.6 Money Getting Taller [Video]
2.7 Tatted Up Homeboys [Video]
2.8 Southern Califas [Video]
2.9 Bitches [Video]
2.10 Invasion [Video]
2.11 Mission Unstoppable [Video]
2.12 Running the Game [Video]

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