Various Artists

Various Artists: Lethal Dose Of Hard Psych

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Lethal Dose Of Hard Psych

Buckle up-ARF! ARF! Presents the third dose of our psychedelic trilogy. Featured on this 70+ minute collection is the more bombastic and harder slice of '60s American Psych. You'll find a glorious deluge of overdriven fuzz guitar, swirling surreal sounds, hallucinogenic lyrical content and superb songwriting. As with our previous two installments, fans of Vernon Joynson's Fuzz Acid & Flowers book will discover plenty of massively cool testaments from this by-gone era.

1.1 Blue Music Box - Changin' Tymes
1.2 Deathwise - Catfish Knight and the Blue Express
1.3 Our Time to Try - Bondsmen
1.4 I Can Feel It - Flower Power
1.5 Eve - Adam
1.6 Subconcious Train of Though - Aardvarks
1.7 Kaleidoscope - Factree
1.8 Back Up - Light
1.9 The Expectation - Dutch Masters
1.10 Watch Out Mother - Sidells
1.11 Dark of the Morning - Zoser
1.12 I Shall Walk - Tom Dae Turned on
1.13 Come on Baby - Cardboard Box
1.14 Enjoy Yourself - Legend
1.15 Hey Ma Ma - Crystal Rain
1.16 Take a Look at Yourself - Sound System
1.17 Step Out of Your Window You Can Fly - Lovechain
1.18 Temptation - Inner Light
1.19 Mammoth - Mammoth
1.20 35 Design - Lazy Nickels
1.21 It's Cruel - Enoch Smoky
1.22 Leaving - Haymarket Riot
1.23 Asphalt Mother - Mind Garage

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