Various Artists: Lithuanian Songs Dances / Various

Various Artists: Lithuanian Songs Dances / Various
Title: Lithuanian Songs Dances / Various
Label: Monitor Records

Lithuanian Songs and Dances presents Lithuanian folk songs, called dainos, alongside dances such as the polka and the Lithuanian jig. In his introduction to the album, V. F. Beliajus writes: Lithuania has it's share of dances too, but running second place to the number of songs in it's repertoire. This is a matter of practicality-though one cannot usually dance if working on the farm, singing is always embraced. Songs and dances are mainly concerned with life on the farm: From chores such as planting, reaping, and cultivating to praise or reproach of creatures such as the grasshopper, mosquito, or goat. Liner notes include a brief album introduction and a list of suggested recordings from Monitor.

1.1 Pir?Lio Polka (Matchmaker's Polka)
1.2 Are Are Bernu?Elis (The Young Lad Plowed)
1.3 Via ?Eriau ?Eriau (Oh, I Fed My Stallion)
1.4 Kubilas (The Tub)
1.5 Lak?Tingala Negali Neciulbet (Nightingale, You Cannot Be Without Song)
1.6 Per Giria Girele (Throughout the Forest of Pine Trees)
1.7 I Mano Kambari Seni Draugai (My Old Friends Came to My Chamber)
1.8 Dzigunas (The Jig)
1.9 Tu Svoteli (You're a Matchmaker)
1.10 Koksai Langvas Poiselis (Vacation Is So Pleasant)
1.11 Gaidys (The Rooster)
1.12 Mano Merguzele (My Maiden)
1.13 Kas Bernelio Sumislyta (What Has My Young Swain Planned?)
1.14 Tu Giruze (Oh, Thou Forest)
1.15 A? Atsikelsiu Anksti Ryteli (I Shall Rise Early in the Morning)
1.16 Subatele (Saturday)

Various Artists: Lithuanian Songs Dances / Various

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