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Various Artists: Living Chicago Blues 4 / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Living Chicago Blues 4 / Various
Label: Alligator Records

Alligator Records rightfully won raves for this series, arguably the greatest modern blues collections out there. Volume four features Detroit Junior ("Some Nerve," "I Got Money"), Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson ("Somebody Have Mercy," "Look What You Done"), Big Leon Brooks ("Country Boy," "My Life Ain't the Same"), Andrew Brown ("Two Years"), Queen Sylvia Embry ("Going Upstairs")...19 tracks, many maddeningly hard to find! Alligator.

1.1 If I Hadn't Been High - Detroit Junior
1.2 Some Nerve - Detroit Junior
1.3 Somebody to Shack - Detroit Junior
1.4 I Got Money - Detroit Junior
1.5 Somebody Have Mercy - Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson
1.6 Got to Have Money - Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson
1.7 Just Like Mama Said - Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson
1.8 Look What You Done - Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson
1.9 Going Upstairs - Queen Sylvia Embry
1.10 Blues This Morning - Queen Sylvia Embry
1.11 Tired of Being Pushed Around - Queen Sylvia Embry
1.12 Please Let Me Stay - Queen Sylvia Embry
1.13 Blues for a Real Man - Big Leon Brooks' Blues Harp Band
1.14 Thirteen Years in Prison - Big Leon Brooks' Blues Harp Band
1.15 Country Boy - Big Leon Brooks' Blues Harp Band
1.16 My Life Ain't the Same - Big Leon Brooks' Blues Harp Band
1.17 I Got News for You - Andrew Brown
1.18 Morning, Noon and Night - Andrew Brown
1.19 Two Years - Andrew Brown

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