Various Artists

Various Artists: Low-key Electronica For Extreme Isolation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Low-key Electronica For Extreme Isolation
Label: Essential Media Mod

A ready and able group of some of the hottest new underground artists from both South and Central Florida's burgeoning chill-out, electronica scene have banded together to present this stellar collection of lo-fi jams for all the tortured, quarantined souls out there. Brand new tracks from Prostuda One, Sole Soma, DJ Nodachi, Xiaogan Express, Liberty City Lo-fi and others will have you chillin' like a villain while you ride out the outbreak in isolation.

1.1 DJ Nodachi Global Chill
1.2 Dr. Khure Social Distancing
1.3 Stolen Plutonium Solo
1.4 Dibbles Fifteen Cases
1.5 Prostuda One Frozen in Time (Instrumental)
1.6 Miami House Moguls I Need Tylenol
1.7 Xiaogan Express It Will All Go Away (Like a Miracle)
1.8 Sole Soma Cry Alone (Instrumental)
1.9 Kris Kraft Transfusion
1.10 Chien Bots Down to Zero
1.11 Shytell Convalescent Plasma
1.12 Liberty City Lo-Fi Sleepy Time

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