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Various Artists: Lowland Tribes of Ecuador / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Lowland Tribes of Ecuador / Various

The coastal region of Ecuador extends along the western Pacific warm lowlands and is characterized by inlets, lagoons, mangrove and palm-lined beaches delineated by fast winding rivers that flow from the high Andes mountains. The Ecuadorian Montana, in the east, consist of a vast expanse of primary forest that descends rapidly towards the great alluvial plain that forms the Amazonia basin and it's tributaries... David Blair Stiffler.

1.1 Narrative Song
1.2 Marimba Instrumental
1.3 Marimba Instrumental
1.4 Marimba Instrumental
1.5 Leaf Bundle Healing Technique
1.6 Festive Song
1.7 Harmonica "Song of Ourselves"
1.8 Harmonica "Caramba"
1.9 Hadina Spirit Calling
1.10 Cerro Colorado
1.11 Healing Segment
1.12 Leaf Bundle on Baby
1.13 Spirit Intrusion Removal
1.14 Wire Bow Instrumental
1.15 Wire Bow (Hernando ; Luis)
1.16 Spirit Manifestation (Wire Bow, Boots, Seed Pod Necklace)
1.17 Yage Ceremony (Opening Oration) Participants Commenting on Visions
1.18 Festive (Chicha?) Song: Women Singing
1.19 Festive Song

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