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Various Artists: Many Faces Of Lou Reed / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Title: Many Faces Of Lou Reed / Various
Label: Music Brokers Arg

Three CD set. Along with Iggy Pop, Lou Reed has been one of the most outrageous American artists of the '70s; an ambassador of the underground world that lives within each cosmopolitan city and always living life to the limit. With a remarkable literary talent and always pushing the limits sound wise, Lou became one of the most iconic artists ever, both as leader of The Velvet Underground and as a solo artist. The Many Faces Of Lou Reed is a journey through his side projects, little-known collaborations with artists such as bass player Fernando Saunders or legendary soul keyboardist Booker T. Jones; his live shows along the Velvet Underground and the Rock And Roll Heart tour (one of their most inspired). It is also a walk thru his immortal body of work, in the hands of artists who recognize him as their main influence. The Many Faces Of Lou Reed is a fundamental album for every rock music fan, a fantastic journey through unknown works, presented with extended liner notes, a luxurious cover art and remastered sound.

1.1 Jesus - Fernando Saunders Feat Lou Reed
1.2 The Bronx - Booker T. Jones Feat Lou Reed
1.3 I'm Waiting for the Man (Live) - the Velvet Unde
1.4 Lisa Says (Live) - the Velvet Underground
1.5 Beginning to See the Light (Live) - the Velvet U
1.6 I'll Be Your Mirror (Live) - the Velvet Undergro
1.7 Pale Blue Eyes (Live) - the Velvet Underground
1.8 New Age (Live) - the Velvet Underground
1.9 Some Kind of Love (Live) - the Velvet Undergroun
1.10 Sweet Bonnie Brown/It's Just Too Much (Live) - T
1.11 Coney Island Baby (Live) - Lou Reed
1.12 Heroin (Live) - Lou Reed
2.1 Sweet Jane (Live) - Lou Reed
2.2 Kill Your Sons (Live) - Lou Reed
2.3 Charley's Girl (Live) - Lou Reed
2.4 How Do You Think It Feels (Live) - Lou Reed
2.5 Lisa Says (Live) - Lou Reed
2.6 You Wear It So Well (Live) - Lou Reed
2.7 Satellite of Love (Live) - Lou Reed
2.8 Berlin (Live) - Lou Reed
2.9 The Kids (Live) - Lou Reed
2.10 Oh Jim! (Live) - Lou Reed
2.11 I'm Waiting for the Man (Live) - Lou Reed
2.12 Walk on the Wild Side (Live) - Lou Reed
3.1 Sunday Morning - Johnny J. Blair ; the Cellabirds
3.2 Satellite of Love - Kowtow Popof
3.3 Who Loves the Sun - Cordalene
3.4 After Hours - Book Pridermore
3.5 Candy Says - the Crowd Scene
3.6 Pale Blue Eyes - Radio Caroline
3.7 Vicious - Okapi Guitars
3.8 How Do You Think It Feels - TV for Dogs
3.9 All Tomorrow's (Beach) Parties - the Special Age
3.10 I Love You - Silent 4
3.11 Temptation Inside Your Heart - Joe Scinta
3.12 Going Down - Music for Viola
3.13 Turn to Me - the Underhills

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