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Various Artists: Matei America: Harps Of Paraguay

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Matei America: Harps Of Paraguay
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

Paraguayan harp music is unique, and stands out as a favorite for harpists the world over? not least for it's driving rhythms, compelling melodies and rich ornamentation. "Greetings, America" Maitei America, in the Guarani Indian language, boasts three generations of Paraguay's best harpists spinning out classic compositions steeped in over four centuries of history. The preeminent, tradition-hewn polca paraguaya musical form is infused with intensely fresh, mind-opening improvisations by master musicians Nicolas Caballero, Martin Portillo, Marcelo Rojas, Miguel Angel Valdez, and Kike Pedersen. 20 tracks, 65 minutes, 20+ page booklet.

1.1 Llegada (Arrival)
1.2 Piririta
1.3 Isla Sakã¡
1.4 Cajita de Arpa / Sueã±O de Angelita (Little Harp Music Box / Angelita Dreaming)
1.5 Ykuã¡ Potrero
1.6 Tres de Mayo (The Third of May)
1.7 Tren Lechero (The Milk Train)
1.8 Jeroky Popã³
1.9 Pã¡Jaro Campana (The Bell Bird)
1.10 Caturã- Abente
1.11 Coronel Martã-Nez
1.12 Paraguarã-
1.13 ÁNgela Rosa
1.14 Uniã³N
1.15 Ykuã¡Sat;#297;
1.16 Maiteã- Amã©Rica (Greetings, America)
1.17 Carretaguy (Under the Cart)
1.18 Cascada (Waterfall)
1.19 El Boyerito (The Little Oxcart Driver)
1.20 Recuerdos de Ypacaraã- / Mis Noches Sin Ti (Memories of Ypacaraã- / My Nights Without You)

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