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Various Artists: Mental Groove Classics (Various Artists)

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Mental Groove Classics (Various Artists)
Label: Musique Pour Danse
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The first volume of Mental Groove Classics, music played at the early warehouse raves and illegal fields parties of the same name. A compilation of rare, forgotten, or sought after gems, topped with extra loops and intros for the working DJs, and each side of the record ends in style with original pirate radio cuts which showcase the music in it's original context, extended liner notes, and interviews by Jerome Hill. Remastered from the original sources by former Dubplates & Mastering engineer Frederic Stader and cut by Daniel Krieger. Features Dragon Fly, Kromozone, Psychotropic, and Friends Of Matthew.

1.1 (Loop) - Dragon Fly
1.2 Visions of Rage - Dragon Fly
1.3 (Loop # 1) - Kromozone
1.4 (Loop # 2) - Kromozone
1.5 The Rush (Sub Bass Mix) - Kromozone
1.6 Chillin' FM (Radio Clip) - Kromozone
1.7 (Intro) - Psychotropic
1.8 (Loop) - Psychotropic
1.9 Only for the Headstrong - Psychotropic
1.10 (Intro) - Friends of Matthew
1.11 (Loop) - Friends of Matthew
1.12 Out There (Techno Mix) - Friends of Matthew
1.13 Chillin' FM (Radio Clip) - Friends of Matthew

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