Various Artists: Midas Records Collection (Various Artists)

Various Artists: Midas Records Collection / Various
Title: Midas Records Collection (Various Artists)
Label: Secret Stash

2017 release, the fifth installment of the One-derful! Collection. This series marks the first in-depth study of what was once one of Chicago's most prominent African-American run labels. Within the grooves of these 25 tracks are generous helpings of funk, southern soul, and storming group vocals. As the shortest lived label in the One-derful! Stable, Midas also provides an opportunity to dig deep into One-derful!'s vast tape vaults. Among the 11 never issued tracks are gems from Andre Williams, Benny Sharp & The Sharpies, Bobby Mack, and McKinley Mitchell. Central to Midas is the Leaner family. In the early 1960s when brothers George and Ernie Leaner added the Halo sub-label to their One-derful! #label, they were revered figures on Chicago's Record Row and beyond. They distributed material from labels like Motown and Stax and they attracted top talent. It wasn't uncommon for a WVON DJ to help the Leaners sign their newest discovery, or for their singers, musicians, songwriters, or producers to have Chess or Motown on their resumes.

1.1 Benny Sharp ; the Sharpies - Wagon Wheel
1.2 Andre Williams - Mo Jo Hanna
1.3 Irene Scott - Everyday Worries
1.4 No No Starr - Swing Your Love My Way
1.5 Lonnie Brooks - Mr. Hot Shot
1.6 The Danderliers - Walk on with Your Nose Up
1.7 McKinley Mitchell - End of a Rainbow
1.8 Andre Williams - Football
1.9 Benny Sharp ; the Sharpies - Hey People
1.10 The Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command
1.11 Reginald Day - Lost Love
1.12 Bobby Mack - Your Love Is a Good Thing for Me
1.13 Epics and Larry ; the Hippies - Mydestination
1.14 Benny Sharp ; the Sharpies - Music (I Like It) (Part 1)
1.15 Big Daddy Rogers - I'm a Big Man
1.16 Bobby Mack - Malnutrition
1.17 Epics and Larry ; the Hippies - Call Her Back
1.18 The Compliments - Beware, Beware
1.19 McKinley Mitchell - the World Is in Trouble
1.20 Irene Scott - You're No Good
1.21 Lonnie Brooks - the Popeye
1.22 Reginald Day - My Girl Jean
1.23 The Inspirations - I'll Take a Chance on You
1.24 Bobby Mack - Lovin on Borrowed Time
1.25 McKinley Mitchell - True Love

Various Artists: Midas Records Collection (Various Artists)

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