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Various Artists: Missing Link Story

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Missing Link Story
Label: International Trash

The 'Missing Link' label started as a retrospective release imprint. The name came from the wild 60s band the Missing Links - a group that encapsulated the untamed heart of rock n roll, undiluted by commercial success! During the late 70s the 'Missing Link' label took on a new contemporary release program to reflect the exciting punk/new wave 'do it yourself' era. The label became influential through the release of both Australian & overseas material, even scoring a hit single with the local release of the Flying Lizards kitchen electronic version of 'Money'. Includes tracks by the Go-Betweens, Laughing Clowns, Whirlywind & many more fine Oz acts on this legendary label. International Trash. 2003.

1.1 Hit Single - the Bleeding Hearts
1.2 Crime of Passion - Man ; Machine
1.3 Win/Lose - Whirlywirld
1.4 Holy Joe - Laughing Clowns
1.5 By Chance - the Go Betweens
1.6 After the Fireworks - Tuff Monks
1.7 First in Line - Marching Girls
1.8 Scarecrow - the Ears
1.9 !2 Ways to Go - Equal Local
1.10 Chelsea Kids - la Femme
1.11 That Girl - News
1.12 Holiday House - Peter Lillie
1.13 Let's Be Sophisticated - International Exiles
1.14 Hepnobeat - the Dynamic Hepnotics
1.15 Out at Night - the Kevins
1.16 Heidigger - Ian Stephen
1.17 Long Blond Hair - the Crackajacks
1.18 Love Machine - Notrh to Alaskans
1.19 Paralyzed - the Legendary Stardust

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