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Various Artists: Motor City Roots

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Motor City Roots

2009 collection of recordings that Berry Gordy was involved with before he started his Motown Records empire. This unique collection brings together many of the records that helped in the formation of Motown and features some of the earliest recordings of Smokey Robinson, Marv Johnson, Eddie Holland as well as Jackie Wilson's 'Reet Petite, which was written by Gordy and often cited as his first recorded composition. 25 tracks. Jasmine.

1.1 Jackie Wilson-Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet)
1.2 Al Kent-That's Why (I Love You)
1.3 The Solitaires-Thrill of Love
1.4 Kenny Martin-My Love Is Coming Down
1.5 The Fideltones-Is It Too Late
1.6 Bob Kayli-Everyone Was There
1.7 Bob Kayli-I Took a Dare
1.8 Tom Clay ; the Rayber Voices-Never Before
1.9 Tom Clay ; the Rayber Voices-Marry Me
1.10 The Miracles-Got a Job
1.11 The Miracles-My Momma Done Told Me
1.12 The Miracles-I Need Some Money
1.13 The Miracles-I Cry
1.14 The Five Stars-Blabber Mouth
1.15 The Five Stars-Baby Baby
1.16 Eddie Holland-You (You You You You)
1.17 Eddie Holland-Little Miss Ruby
1.18 Lavern Baker-It's So Fine
1.19 Jackie Wilson-Etcetra
1.20 Jackie Wilson-Lonely Teardrops
1.21 Bobby Darin-Action (Speaks Louder Than Words)
1.22 Once Upon a Time-Marv Johnson
1.23 My Baby O-Marv Johnson
1.24 In Nature Boy-Briant Holland
1.25 Harvey Fuqua-Don't Be Afraid of Love

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