Various Artists

Various Artists: Neon Fusion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Neon Fusion

The album takes in genres as diverse as click, house, Detroit techno, electro, broken beats and future jazz. The old skool sit alongside up and coming producers with the greatest of ease with P'Taah, Jon Cutler, Alton Miller and Kirk Degiorgio all get together to make a sonic journey spanning 76 minutes.

1.1 Fusion Meltdown
1.2 Electronic HMMM
1.3 Sweet Embrace
1.4 Like Yours
1.5 Dawn (Afronaught Remix)
1.6 Nobody Knows
1.7 P600 Invasion
1.8 E Ruim (Zero DB Commentary Mix)
1.9 Trommel Monster
1.10 Drums of Passion
1.11 Backlight

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