Various Artists

Various Artists: New Shamanic Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: New Shamanic Music
Label: Cypres

Soundfulness, the new collection of the Cypres label, is an invitation to plenitude through sounds, frequencies, vibrations and breath. Soundfulness creates a space for dialogue between musical cultures, at the crossroads of traditional, sacred and meditative music. Immediately accessible and sensitive, this music is like an inner journey: it opens our horizon, inspires us and connects us to our deepest roots. To listen to Soundfulness is to offer oneself a time filled with healing sounds, to salute the spirit and the force of nature and to open up to the meditative powers of sounds. Trust in the integrity of the musicians chosen to bring you into new sound rituals. Music plays a fundamental role in shamanic rituals: it is the mediator between the shaman and the spirits. Our ancestors used music and songs to unite the Land of Men with that of the Gods. The most ancient rituals salute the spirit and the strength of Nature before which we are so fragile, to implore her protection or to thank her for her generosity. Four musicians of Musiques Nouvelles, experienced practitioners of traditional and classical western instruments, bring these ancient and beneficial rituals to life.

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