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Various Artists: Nouances / Various

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Nouances / Various
Product Type: VINYL LP

First reissue of the 1984 Nouances compilation cassette, collecting music by Daniele Ciullini, Rinf, Minox, Twilight Ritual, and The Tempest. 45-RPM LP with postcards and poster. Limited edition of 300. Co-released by Spittle and Dagored. "Nouances was born as a territorial meeting point. A sort of platform whose intent wasn't to show everything but to approach common elements in the contemporary underground culture. A personal route made possible by the usual tools of it's heyday: fanzine and music. So, the project was developed as a bilingual booklet with an audiotape attached. Literary contributions came from the editors of the most sought after zine and multimedia teams of the time: Dancing Silhouettes, FREE, Nero, Trax, Tribal Cabaret. The tape was addressing, true to the line, different souls covering a large musical spectrum from romantic new wave funk to minimal synth, even going through post industrial scenarios. All tracks were otherwise unreleased. Tasted today Nouances has a heterogeneous feel, but - at the end of the day - that was the goal: approaching the diverse" -Daniele Ciullini, February 2016. Includes texts by Paolo Cesaretti, Paola Triboli, Filippo Rizzi, Vittore Baroni, Marco Formazioni, Daniela Giombini, Romano Pasquini, and Daniele Ciullini and photographs by Daniele Ciullini.

1.1 "Red Side: The Tempest - ABC
1.2 Minox - Purgatoryo
2.1 Yellow Side: Rinf - Tropical Nacht/Spass Muss Sein (Live at Tenax)
2.2 Twilight Ritual - I Never Called You a Dream
2.3 Daniele Ciullini - Silences"

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