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Various Artists: Oh It's A Lovely War

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Oh It's A Lovely War

The CD41 publishing imprint is pleased to announce the release of OH! IT'S a LOVELY WAR, the first volume in a series devoted to historical recordings of songs, music and descriptive sketches from the First World War. Almost all the featured tracks were recorded between 1914 and 1918 and have been digitally mastered from the original 78 rpm and cylinder sources, using sympathetic treatment with the CEDAR noise reduction process. A full length (75 minute) CD featuring 25 tracks, the collection is divided into three themed sections. The first - on the March - features forces favourites such as Tipperary, Pack Up Your Troubles, Good Bye-ee and Oh! It's a Lovely War, together with several rousing medleys. The second section - at the Front - includes eight descriptive and comic sketches such as the Estaminet, the Attack and Tommy's Fags, as well as both sides of the historical 1915 recording by Sergeant Edward Dwyer VC, together with the controversial 1918 'actuality' recording Gas Shells Bombardment. The third sequence - at Home - includes marches and sentimental songs such as Keep the Home Fires Burning, Roses of Picardy and If Your Were the Only Girl in the World, as well as patriotic material such as Boys in Khaki, Boys in Blue, Your King and Country Want You and Now You've Got Yer Khaki On. Featured artists include John McCormack, Ernest Pike, George Baker, Marie Lloyd, Murray Johnson, Helen Clarke, Courtland and Jeffries, George Robey and 'Some of the Boys'. a far more comprehensive collection than any previously released, the CD features detailed track-by-track sleeve notes and recording information, plus full colour artwork and linked illustrations.

1.1 It's a Long Way to Tipperary
1.2 Pack Up Your Troubles
1.3 Good Bye-Ee
1.4 Oh! It's a Lovely War
1.5 Here We Are Again
1.6 Medley: Wartime Songs of 1914 (1)
1.7 Medley: Wartime Songs of 1914 (2)
1.8 Medley: The Jolly Old Fellows (1)
1.9 Keep the Home Fires Burning
1.10 On the March - SGT E. Dwyer
1.11 In the Trenches - SGT E. Dwyer
1.12 In the Trenches
1.13 Memories of France - the Estaminet
1.14 Memories of France - the Attack
1.15 Tommy's Fags
1.16 'Er Bloke, VC
1.17 Gas Shells Bombardment
1.18 United Forces March
1.19 Your King and Country Want You
1.20 If You Were the Only Girl in the World
1.21 Boys in Khaki, Boys in Blue
1.22 Now You've Got the Khaki on
1.23 Have You News of My Boy, Jack?
1.24 Roses of Picardy
1.25 Grand Peace Record

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