Various Artists

Various Artists: Old Faithful: Songs From The Saddle

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Old Faithful: Songs From The Saddle

These are love songs of sorts, tales of cowboys and their equine friends. Ride along with Roy Rogers (A Cowboy Needs a Horse), Hank Snow (Ridin' Along Singin' a Song), Elton Britt (Give Me a Pinto Pal), Wilf Carter, Sons of the Pioneers, real-life rodeo man Tex Morton, and more!

1.1 Fate of Old Strawberry Roan
1.2 There's a Bridle Hanging on the Wall
1.3 Old Faithful and I
1.4 Concerning Charlie Horse
1.5 I'd Rather Have a Pony Than a Girl
1.6 Albino, Pink Eyed Stallion
1.7 My Pinto Pony and I
1.8 Riders in the Sky
1.9 Aristocrat
1.10 Rock Me to Sleep in My Saddle
1.11 Smoky That Wild Stallion
1.12 Music in My Pony's Feet
1.13 Strawberry Roan
1.14 Snowy River Riders
1.15 Ridin' Along Singing a Song
1.16 Rocky Ned (The Outlaw)
1.17 It's Great to Be Back in the Saddle
1.18 Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle
1.19 My Pony's Hair Turned Grey
1.20 Give Me a Pinto Pal
1.21 A Cowboy Needs a Horse
1.22 The Bushman's Rodeo
1.23 Old Boko and Me
1.24 Yip Neddy
1.25 Concerning the Return of Charlie Horse
1.26 Mandrake
1.27 Old Faithful

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